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Italy The return of the Wave- 17th november

*News from EUniriot*

During the global week of action and the demonstration for the international
day of education, hundred thousands students and researchers took the
streets all over Italy. The *flash mob actions and demonstrations*, that
started from universities and high schools, were against the crisis and the
reform of education, and shouted solidarity with protests and occupation in
Europe and U.S., above all in Austria and Germany where a new cycle of
struggles is raising.

In Italy the* latest reform*, proposed by the minister of Berlusconi’s
government Maria Stella Gelmini, is the latest attack to public university
with the raising of tuition fees and budget cuts. Infact, as in other
european countries, cuts are very heavy: that’s why Financial minister plays
a central role in the education reform.

This law preserve and reinforce the power position of academy corporation
that centralize power in the rector’s hand, making possible the entrance of
private companies in the administration councils of universities without
holding them to continuity or equality of investments. This way, life of
students and researchers becomes more and more precarious.

In *Rome*, hundreds of students after an assembly in the college of liberal
arts made a demonstration inside all the colleges of la Sapienza university
and went out in the streets with the high school’ students blocking the

In *Bologna* hundreds of students and teachers took the streets shouting ”
Cuts kill! – Money and income for a living school”. During the evening a
school has been occupied.

In *Palermo*, students of the Anomalous Wave occupied the regional office of
public education and a high school, hundreds of students are organizing
debates, concerts and seminars.

In *Milan*, students have been charged by police, four of them have been
stopped and two arrested, even if now they are free. People outside the
Court were shouting Italy is not Prague 1939, Europe is not Iran! Is Italy

In *Padova* hundreds of students blocked the city traffic, the same happened
in *Naples*, in *Turin* actions and blocks paralized the city.

The Wave frightens again: it’s only the beginning of a long struggle of
students who produce living knowledge, cooperating and fighting inside and
against University!


Reclaim (y)our education, (y)our brain, (y)our body!
International Students’ Day: 4 more students arrested in Milano!’_Day

Today, 70th anniversary of International Students’ Day, chosen because
November 17 was the day the nazis entered the University of Prague,
the heavily securitarian climate imposed by Berlusconi’s 100%
right-wing government Italy is escalating the repression in Italy,
particularly in Milano.

On Friday 13th, 5 university students were arrested for unpaid xeroxes
at the bookstore owned by comunione e liberazione, which had supported
the expulsion of Onda students from the State University. They are
accused of aggravated robbery.

This morning, during the International Students’ Day demo, 3 high
school students and one university students (3 guys and one girl) orf
milano have been arrested durind the student as part of demonstrations
of International Student Day.

Trumped-up charges, arbitrary arrests, prison killings are creating a
climate of fear and rage among the precarious and student youth in
Milano and the other Italian cities.

Milan 2009 like Prague 1939?

Please express your solidarity to the Italian student and centri
sociali movement: we’re under a concerted attack!

Freedom for all the accused of the Fire of Vincennes!

Since the end of 2007, the detainees of Vincennes (France), like many
others detainees of detention centers for migrants, have ceaselessly
struggled for their freedom. They have demonstrated and gone on hunger
strike, they have refused to be counted or to come back in their
rooms, they have burnt their mattresses.

The 9th of April a detainee of the center was already saying: “we have
to think about struggling differently. People and cops don’t give a
shit about the hunger strike. They don’t give a shit about sans-
papiers. They don’t give a shit if we die. People eat razor blades
every day and nobody hears about them. The little things we do are not
worth it. We have to create a damned mess to put them under pressure.”

On June 21st 2008, a Tunisian called Salem Essouli died because of a
lack of medical care. The next day, a silent demonstration organized
by the detainees was harshly crushed. Then a revolt blew up, and the
center was destroyed by fire. That night, the detainees were
transferred to other centers all over the country: Rouen-Oissel,
Lille-Lesquin, Nîmes-Courbessac, Palaiseau, Mesnil-Amelot et Paris-
dépôt-Cité. Salem Essouli’s family has registered a complaint in

The center of Vincennes had 280 beds, its destruction means less
arrests and deportations. During the next months we could observe a
clear diminution of razzias and deportations in Paris. That’s why the
state hurrried to build a new center in the same place, which opened
in November 2008.

Wanting to set an example, the state has arrested several ex-detainees
of Vincennes: two were arrested the very day of the fire. One has been
freed but stays under control as a witness with arisk of being
charged, the other has been detained; six other arrests occurred
during the months of July, October, November and December. One of
them as been assailteed in jail on November 4th and is still in an
hospital with serious medical consequences.

So, eight persons are accused of destruction by fire of public good
and violence against policemen. There may be other persons accused. At
the end of February and beginning March, three of them have been freed
but are still prosecuted. Four persons are still detained despite the
numerous requests of liberation made by their lawyer. We still don’t
know when the trial will take place.

The Vincennes detainees’ revolt isn’t isolated. Others happened
before, others happened during the summer at Mesnil-Amelot, Nantes,
Italy, Belgium, and still others will happen.

The Vincennes detainees destroyed their jail. Solidarity with the
prosecuted detainees means struggling against migration policies,
their ideology and their practices!

We will hold on!

Free the prosecuted Vincennes detainees and drop the charges against
Close the detention centers for migrants! Freedom of circulation and

Mail to
Send money for the defense of Vincennes detainees at : CICP-Vincennes,
21 ter rue Voltaire, 75011 Paris

Australia –politics of space in Sydney

Genrmany strong Schleuser.neta collective working around issues concerning illegal immigrants rights. here is how they define themselves: “a lobby organization for business enterprises specializing in undocumented cross border human traffic”

US-Mexico Border
Boredom Patrol CIRCA
Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army

Watch the 40 minute video documentation of the circus here:

The Circus of (Im)Migration

High quality version, 1.05GB

Low quality web version, 240MB

The Circus of (Im)Migration took place in the spring of 2007. The
traveling circus was an uncircus performed by the Boredom Patrol of the
Clanestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army and volunteers and workshop
participants in every city. The performance consisted of 3 acts: act one
about the circus, act two about our personal stories about borders and
act three about the immigration raids taking place around the US. Over
750 people were deported through raids on homes on workplaces in April
alone. In between the acts, the following youtube videos were shown:

Clowns vs. Minutemen Pt.2 Operation More Secure than Depends

REAL Alien Invasion of “Our Minutemen” at a Home Depot

The third act took the form of the Theater of the Oppressed forum
theater, where audience members were invited to join the performance and
change the outcome of the scene.

Our attempt was to create an interactive, communal, openly participatory
space for dialog about immigration, migration control, borders and
freedom of movement. We see this practice in the tradition of using
humor against fascism, as a way to open up dialog within a climate of
fear and repression, with the hope that this dialog and laughter can be
healing. Further, we are using the inbetween space of the clown, with
our faces hidden and revealed by greasepaint, inbetween genders,
ethnicities, roles, in order to challenge the rigid conceptions of
identity, nationality and citizenship that underlie the rhetoric around

precarious workers, illegal immigrants, sans-papier, sex workers and other groups around the world have mobilized with actions and demos.
EUROPE Mayday 2007
Mayday in France

Mayday in Austria

Mayday in Italy

As activists were organizing actions for May Day, Bush announced that May Day be re-named Loyalty Day

Loyalty Day, 2007
A Proclamation by the President of the United States of America

America was founded by patriots who risked their lives to bring freedom to our Nation. Today, our citizens are grateful for our Founding Fathers and confident in the principles that lead us forward. On Loyalty Day, we celebrate the blessings of freedom and remember our responsibility to continue our legacy of liberty.

Our Nation has never been united simply by blood, birth, or soil, but instead has always been united by the ideals that move us beyond our background and teach us what it means to be Americans. We believe deeply in freedom and self-government, values embodied in our cherished documents and defended by our troops over the course of generations. Our citizens hold the truths of our founding close to their hearts and demonstrate their loyalty in countless ways. We are inspired by the patriotic service of the men and women who wear our Nation’s uniform with honor and decency. The military spouses and families who stand by their loved ones represent the best of the American spirit, and we are profoundly grateful for their sacrifice. Our country is strengthened by the millions of volunteers who show deep compassion toward their neighbors in need. All citizens can express their loyalty to the United States by flying the flag, participating in our democracy, and learning more about our country’s grand story of courage and simple dream of dignity.

The Congress, by Public Law 85-529, as amended, has designated May 1 of each year as “Loyalty Day.” This Loyalty Day, and throughout the year, I ask all Americans to join me in reaffirming our allegiance to our Nation.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, GEORGE W. BUSH, President of the United States of America, do hereby proclaim May 1, 2007, as Loyalty Day. I call upon the people of the United States to participate in this national observance and to display the flag of the United States on Loyalty Day as a symbol of pride in our Nation.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this thirtieth day of April, in the year of our Lord two thousand seven, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and thirty-first.


In the meantime, protests of illegal workers and immigrants were welcomed by police shoot and tear gas in LA

THOUSANDS of Indian sex workers took to the streets in the Marxist-ruled
West Bengal state to press for better working conditions.

Some 5000 prostitutes joined a torchlight rally to mark May Day in the
state capital Kolkata, saying sex workers should be given a different
legal status.

“Give us legal status of entertainers,” said banners the women carried in
the rally, which snaked from Kolkata’s largest red light district of
Sonagachi to a university campus, witnesses and police said.

Prostitution is illegal in India but the police turn a blind eye to the
flourishing trade in impoverished states such as West Bengal.

Rally participants, encouraged by onlookers who whistled and waved, said
the sex workers will also crank up a campaign against archaic
anti-prostitution laws passed by the British when it ruled India.

“The sex workers will soon launch a campaign across India to press their
demands for their recognition as entertainment workers and the abolition
of such laws,” Swapna Gayen, a rally leader, said.,23739,21657917-23109,00.html


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  1. precarito

    A response from LA

    Police Terror in the Park
    MACARTHUR PARK, May Day 2007–Police stormed a workers’ and immigrants’ rally at 5:30 p.m. this afternoon in MacArthur Park, sending thousands of families running in terror as they cleared MIWON Immigrant rally and festival with foam and beanbag bullets, batons, and tear gas. The cops marched through the park in riot gear, indiscriminately clubbing down people in their wake. Young people formed the front line against the onslaught, running in retreat for a few yards at each thud-like explosion of a teargas canister and then turning back to the cops, while older and younger people ran through the single open exit in fear that it, too, would be barricaded.

    to read the entire article:

  2. precarito

    INDIA–Gurgaon Workers News – Newsletter 3 (May 2007)

    Gurgaon in Haryana is presented as the shining India, a symbol of capitalist success promising a better life for everyone behind the gateway of development. At first glance the office towers and shopping malls reflect this chimera and even the facades of the garment factories look like three star hotels. Behind the facade, behind the factory walls and in the side streets of the industrial areas thousands of workers keep the rat-race going, producing cars and scooters for the middle-classes which end up in the traffic jam on the new highway between Delhi and Gurgaon. Thousands of young middle class people lose time, energy and academic aspirations on night-shifts in call centres, selling loan schemes to working-class people in the US or pre-paid electricity schemes to the poor in the UK. Next door thousands of rural-migrant workers uprooted by the agrarian crisis stitch and sew for export, competing with their angry brothers and sisters in Bangladesh or Vietnam. And the rat-race will not stop; at the outskirts of Gurgaon India’s biggest Special Economic Zone is in the making.
    If you want to get to know more about working and struggling in Gurgaon, if you want more info about or even to contribute to this project, please have a go at:

  3. precarito

    you can find a whole lot of videos of the May Day demo in LA under youtube

  4. Precarious stories from Tokio
    A cyberhome away from home


    May 7, 2007 at 11:20 AM EDT

    TOKYO — Takeshi Yamashita does not look like a homeless person.

    From his carefully distressed jeans to his casual-cool navy striped T-shirt, he is every bit the trendy Tokyoite.

    Yet the 26-year-old has been sleeping in a reclining seat in an Internet cafe every night for the past month since he lost his steady office job and his apartment.

    It’s cheaper than a hotel, offers access to the Internet and hundreds of Manga comic books, and even has a microwave and a shower where he can wash in the morning before heading off to one of his temporary jobs ranging from cleaning to basic office work.

  5. Ale

    Precarity goes G8: an invitation to Germany
    Dear Maydayers,

    In a follow-up to the recent mails on this list to mobilise the Euromayday
    network and other precarity activists as a common force to the G8 summit
    protests, we would like to invite you to come to Germany. This implies
    a common
    block at the demo (2 June), a common blockade in the mass blockades and
    a common
    space in the camp (sleeping spaces).

    Attached is a call out – it would be great if you could spread it in your

    More concretely, we welcome the proposal to gather in Hamburg and
    Berlin to join
    forces as a precarity block and prepare the common actions and visuals. Please
    bring T-shirts, superhero outfits, and any creative output which has come out
    of this network in the past few years! We would be happy to welcome you in the
    week before the summit. If there is enough interest, we will hold an
    information event (around 1 June) for the Euromayday Block.

    But in order to organise this, we need to know, roughly, how many
    people want to
    come as a precarity block. Maybe the different cities can indicate in the next
    two weeks over this list how many people want to come to Berlin or Hamburg
    before the summit. Please indicate number of people and which city.

    On an important note, we want to stress here that we decided to mobilise for
    this ‘Precarity Block’ in the framework of the MASS BLOCKADES
    (BlockG8 campaign,

    Please let us know if you want to come and join us and we hope you appear in
    great numbers!

    Dispensables, Superheroes, San Precarios, Serpica Naros, … of the world,
    unite and take over!

    (Euro)Mayday Berlin/Hamburg

  6. precarito

    The Sevilla Meeting on Welfare-state Crisis, Precarity and New Social Rights

  7. precarito

    Occupation at Ford/Visteon in England

    Workers at 3 UK car parts plants are fighting back against brutal lay
    offs in a way which may hopefully inspire opposition across the UK and

    The media has largely ignored the occupation of the factory in north
    London to concentrate on the G20 protests. Unsurprising, but
    nevertheless these workers deserve the attention and assistance of the

    They are showing that it is possible to collectively resist peremptory
    sackings and to asset basic rights in the face of the lie that ‘we all
    have to take a little pain for the system to get better’.

    If they win a better deal it will underline the importance and viability
    of fighting back for workers in general. They have already forced the
    employers to negotiate and that is something they would never have
    achieved without getting together and occupying the factory.

    With massive attacks on workers already in the offing globally and huge
    waves of redundancies planned in the US, UK and beyond, the outcome of
    this struggle will have ramifications for workers everywhere.

    It would be great if you could spread this far and wide and do whatever
    you can in support. There is a demo tomorrow (Thursday) morning at 11am
    outside the Enfield factory in support of the workers. Details here:



    Enfield –
    Enfield & Basildon –

    Belfast –

    [This statement is being sent out to workers at Ford plants…]
    Visteon workers’ occupation needs your solidarity to win*

    FORD Visteon car parts workers in Enfield, North London, have occupied
    our factory since Wednesday 1 April. The Belfast site is also in occupation.

    On Tuesday 31 March, in a meeting lasting just six minutes, we were told
    that the company was going into administration and that we were to leave
    without our wages being paid.

    We demand justice and we need the support of Ford workers to win.

    Until 2000 Visteon workers were part of Ford, and when the new company
    was formed we were told that we would have full Ford contracts.
    Documents given to staff at the time of the split told them they would
    not lose out. To the question, “How long are our pay and conditions
    guaranteed?”, the company answered: “For the duration of your employment
    with Visteon UK, your terms and conditions . . . will mirror Ford
    conditions. This means lifetime protection while an employee of Visteon
    UK of all your contractual conditions of employment.”

    All that has now been ripped up as we have been dumped without company
    redundancy pay, the chance of transfer, pensions, or consultation.

    Other internal documents revealed in the Sunday Times show Visteon UK’s
    management was preparing for the closure of the Belfast plant as early
    as January 2007. A report entitled Project Protea discusses the
    development of “duplicate sources for all the Belfast product lines by
    the end of 2007”. Managers involved aimed to “minimise information leaks
    by creating isolated project teams”.

    The occupation has faced a series of legal threats but has remained solid.

    But we want to keep up the momentum and win. A victory could spark
    resistance much more widely against the jobs massacre. On the other
    hand, if Visteon bosses get away with their attacks then other Ford
    workers’ contracts could also be ripped up.

    All Visteon products should be blacked now. And the unions must give
    such action their full support. Some plants have already begun to
    discuss this. Please join them. And the unions should be discussing how
    to organise other action, such as solidarity meetings in work time, to
    help Visteon win. Please come to the factory in Morson Road, Enfield, at
    any time to show us your support.

    Together we can win!

    Show your support – action needed now

    * Black all Visteon products. No worker should be using any Visteon
    produce at a time when its bosses are denying workers basic rights.
    * The unions should be discussing now how to raise the level of support
    for Visteon. Can there be solidarity meetings during work time, walkouts
    * Email messages of support to

    From the Guardian:

    Ford has ‘moral obligation’ to Visteon workers, union says
    Former workers still occupying Visteon’s Enfield plant in protest at
    their sudden sacking on Tuesday
    Kathryn Hopkins, Friday 3 April 2009 17.37 BST
    Article history
    Union officials met Ford bosses today in a desperate attempt to secure a
    redundancy package for the sacked Visteon workers as rooftop protests
    continued at Visteon plants for the third day in a row.

    Derek Simpson, joint general secretary of Unite, met Ford’s European
    chairman, John Fleming, and urged the firm to honour its “moral
    obligations” to workers at the car-parts manufacturer.

    More than 560 jobs were lost at Visteon’s plants in Enfield, Belfast and
    Basildon on Tuesday, with staff being given less than an hour’s notice.
    Administrators from KPMG said they had “no option” but to shut the
    factories, given the amount of cash being lost from the business. But
    workers say they were given guarantees on pay and conditions when the
    company was spun out of Ford nine years ago.

    “Ford have a moral obligation to these workers, who have been laid off
    with only a few minutes’ notice,” said Simpson.

    “The unacceptable treatment of Visteon’s workers will be taken up with
    the senior management at Visteon. Unite will press the case for
    compensation. We hope that Visteon will do the right thing.

    “This is yet another example of our weak labour laws letting skilled
    manufacturing workers down.”

    Simpson will hold a meeting with officials from Visteon and Ford in
    Detroit next week to determine who is responsible for providing the
    redundancy packages.

    “We just want whoever is responsible to pay up,” said Brian Harris at
    Unite. “If that’s Visteon, then it’s Visteon. If that’s Ford, then it’s

    Security at Visteon’s Enfield plant in north London was increased today
    amid rumours that a court order was being prepared to have the workers
    evicted. The protestors said they had claimed squatters’ rights in order
    to delay the bailiffs.

    There were about 120 protesters occupying the factory today. Some
    Visteon workers have also gathered outside Ford’s largest British plant,
    in Dagenham, to drum up support from workers there.

    Fay Bernard, who has been at the Enfield plant for 14 years, said: “We
    just want to talk to the Ford union representative, and we need support
    from the workers there. Ford need to honour our contract.”

    One Ford worker at the Dagenham plant, who did not want to be
    identified, said: “The way I heard it, the workers weren’t given any
    time to think about anything. As far as I know everyone here is angry.”

    Protests were also continuing at the Belfast and Basildon plants.
    Visteon workers in west Belfast are said to be considering legal action
    to challenge the way in which the matter was handled, including the
    management’s failure to offer 90 days’ notice for the 210 staff laid off
    this week.

  8. precarito

    MAYDAY 2009 Italy

    a huge parade of 100000 precarious and immigrant protesters, larger,
    younger, and more mixed than last year, was opened by a no oil
    contingent of photovoltaic cyclowagons made by sunsystem, serpicanaro,
    cox18, agenziax, mondomayday from where a tokyo freeter addressed the
    crowd in japanese and unfurled a mayday tokyo banner amid loud cheers.
    5 huge trucks followed,, l’onda student movement, casa
    loca and the other centri sociali of milano. also vienna activists
    brought their solidarity. slogans were mostly on crisis, banks,
    eurorevolution, in a dizzying array of subvertising items and reggae
    and techno sounds. the parade ended by surrounding the castle in the
    heart of bourgeois milano, with a huge swarming rave into the night.

  9. precarito

    MAYDAY 2009 Indonesia

    Around hundred people from many alliance group in Yogyakarta (Central
    Java), make protest during Mayday 2009…They are gather in Monument
    Tugu than long march to the city Center….Celebrate mayday this year
    is same time with election Indonesia so during long march slogan anti
    general election most popular. In the protest workers demand for stop
    Job cuts , Erase Outsourching, Reject election result….Many people
    and workers now living very difficult cause crisis economic global and
    job cuts now is will be many in Indonesia, the General election is not
    give hope to the workers just for elite politics, that’s one of speech
    from protester….During long march they are stop in the front
    electricity State office, local parliament office,one of Mall in the
    Malioboro street, and Bering Harjo Traditional market….For more
    picture the action you can look at…

    media bebas

  10. precarito

    MAYDAY 2009 Austria
    Violent police repression in Linz

    In the normally quiet little city of Linz, Austria, we are all shocked and
    furious today: the traditional alternative May 1st demonstration was
    violently disrupted by police, 20 injured, 5 people arrested – including the
    vice-rector of the Art University. According to various reports, he was the
    person being beaten by the police in the video that is still up on the
    website of the ORF (Austrian Broadcasting Corporation):

    If you read German, there is a first report with links here:

    I am trying now to translate statements and reports from witnesses as quickly
    as I can and will post them later.

  11. precarito

    Begin forwarded message:

    From: jaromil
    Date: June 14, 2009 10:04:02 PM EDT (CA)
    Resent-To: Nettime
    Subject: Fascist developments in Italy

    Hash: SHA1

    re all,

    It can only be with condescending myopia that we look at the
    Italian government pretending nothing really is happening, that is
    all the result of a democratic process and it can unfold as such,
    confident that the western democracy will stand the blow.

    The reality is hard to digest, but Italy is incubating fascism.

    Fascism in the most literal form ever since the liberation in 1945,
    let the definition given in [29]Der Fascismus by Ignazio Silone be
    an historical reference of what I’m talking about. This is not just
    a light word: fascism is declared outlaw in the constitution of
    most European states, but right now neglecting its existence for
    the sake of a Government’s integrity, might unfold even more
    tragedies in a close future.

    The signals are clear, evidences are collected at a worrying rate
    by [30]Amnesty International: racist aggressions and intolerance
    towards migrants are denounced in the [31]AI report for 2009,
    international obligations to human rights are breached at
    governmental policy level.

    OTOH it is nowadays a clear benefit for Italian citizens to be
    aloud to move in Europe: a growing number of italian “political
    refugees” are approaching neighbour states, trying to free
    themselves from the non-sense of a prolonged state crisis.

    Italy is a founding state of Europe, thanks to inspiring minds like
    [32]Altiero Spinelli or [33]Giuseppe Mazzini, prisoners of fascism
    in the WWII or earlier dissidents exiled by non-secular
    institutions and monarchies. While we confront the present
    situation with the constitutional principles of the Italian state,
    our Mediterranean nation is profiling a sad paradox.

    Increasing [34]racist aggressions to ethnical minorities are
    configuring a theatre of conflict characterized by well
    recognisable nazi-socialist tints, at least that’s what [35]the
    uniforms of the new [36]Guardia Nazionale Italiana suggest.

    The GSI is a controversial initiative about civilians in
    para-military uniforms patrolling cities to fight criminality, an
    organisation publicly affiliated to extreme right-wing groups that
    sets its own goal in “promoting and divulging the Italian story,
    languages and traditions, with particular reference to the Roman

    A senior prosecutor in Milan, [37]Armando Spataro, has just opened
    the investigations on possible “apology of fascism” for the GNI,
    right after the organisation was presented in Milano, hoping that
    its operations can be legitimated by a new security package to be
    discussed in Parliament.

    What did catch most of my attention as a succulent semiotic
    artifact disclosing the imaginary of rising populist xenophobe
    rhetoric in Europe is the symbol of the [38]Black Sun and its
    supposedly occult origins, adopted on the arm-band of the GNI

    This possible variation of the swastika fibula is found in the
    marble mosaic decorating the Obergruppenführersaal of the
    [39]Wewelsburg Castle a [40]former nazi concentration camp and SS
    headquarter. A topos of the Teutonic sovereign through centuries,
    even during the 17th century the castle played a key role in the
    witchcraft trials sweeping across Europe, presided by the Catholic
    Prince Bishops: local women accused of witchcraft were held in
    Wewelsburg’s dungeons and confessions were extracted under torture
    in a “courtroom”.

    An additional reference chosen by the GSI is the Hindu myth of
    [41]Kali Yuga, a potential link to right-wing fundamentalism in
    India, believing that human civilization degenerated spiritually in
    a current “Dark Age”. The “Kali” of Kali Yuga is not be confused
    with the goddess Kali, but refers to the daemon Kali, a symbol for
    strife, discord, quarrel or contention. Following the Kali Yuga
    interpretation, sin in our age will increase exponentially, virtue
    will fade and cease to flourish and rulers will become
    unreasonable; governments will levy taxes unfairly and no longer
    see it as their duty to promote spirituality or to protect their
    subjects: they will become a danger to the world. Let me add this
    is something happening to prime minister Berlusconi right now, at
    least looking at him from the more neutral lens of European media.

    The “occultist” memes of the nationalist xenophobic movements in
    Europe deal with delusional feelings, a moralist and conservative
    political analysis as well an heritage of hatred against those who
    are perceived as responsible for the demonized cultural decay:
    homosexuals, gypsy nomads, bohemiens, libertines and of course
    migrants, corrupting with their cultural luggage (and lower life
    standard, by necessity) the idea of an Italian pure and “decent”

    Digging back into ancient Roman history, we could argue that the
    choice for a model that is more familiar to Italians could have
    fallen over the historical figure of [42]Marcus Porcius Cato, also
    known as The Censor (O tempora! o mores!). But the mythopoeic
    operation of GSI (and the MSI and Lega Nord “political” parties
    behind it) is arguably very limited: it recycles WWII myths
    allegedly referring to a castle which, back in 9 AD, witnessed the
    Battle of the Teutoburg, when Germanic tribes in alliance ambushed
    and destroyed three Roman legions, setting along the Rhine river an
    historical boundary between the German and Roman Empires.

    Most probably the “occultist” attribute of the Black Sun is just a
    cheap alibi in the rushed choice of a coat of arms that can at the
    same time be familiar to European neo-nazi movements as well
    presentable to the scrutiny of critics.

    To conclude and back to present day, we are left with a serious
    warning by former foreign affair minister Massimo D’Alema,
    [43]warning Italy about possible upcoming shocks: just a day before
    Berlusconi pays his first visit to the White House, declaring that
    he’ll be [44]good looking and with a proper tan, he is fit to meet
    Barack Obama today at 21 CET to discuss over Fiat-Chrysler,
    European relationships with Africa and of course the upcoming G8
    summit to be held in Abruzzo.

    It’s “almost a pity” we can’t say anymore God Save the Queen,
    should we opt for an “informal” Al-Hamdulillah?


    – —

    jaromil, developer,

    GPG: 779F E8B5 47C7 3A89 4112 64D0 7B64 3184 B534 0B5E
    Version: GnuPG v1.4.9 (GNU/Linux)


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