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St. Christopher House is currently seeking participants to complete a *financialdiary.

*A financial diary is a record of how your household manages their
income and expenses in relation to their life goals, financial plans, and
financial service use.

Participants will need to commit to an interview* *with us* twice per month
for up to four months and will be paid $30 per interview, for a minimum
total remuneration of $180. TTC tickets provided if necessary. *Participants,
if they want, will also be able to meet with a Community Financial Worker
who can help them work through any financial problems.

At the interview, we will ask participants to share with us their opinions
and experiences of financial services, as well as recording household
income, expenditures, savings and borrowing that occur between interviews.
Interviews can take place evenings and weekends.”

if you know anyone who would be interested, please pass my
number (647-968-9285) on to that person so we can determine if they are
eligible. The participant is paid $30 for each interview, and we can pay
for TTC tickets if that is necessary.




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