MAYDAY 2009: a global mayday call

****MAYDAY 2009****

To All Those Who Fight 4: Anarchy, Autonomy, Ecology, Queerness

To all media activists, creative workers, radical artists, union
organizers, immigrant and precarious youth

In 2009, as millions are made unemployed by stupidity and greed, we
call onto all insurgent people and networks out there to unite on the
1st of May for a global mayday against financial capitalism and state
repression, and for social redistribution and self-emancipation.


YOU, the financial and political élites, we’ll make YOU pay for your crisis.

The economic and moral collapse of capitalism is for all to see. But
it’s us who’s paying for the crisis with our money and jobs. They’re
robbing us blind! States are throwing trillions at bankers, while
jobs, wages, incomes, services are savagely cut, and millions are
thrown into poverty.

We can fight and reverse this process. The Great Recession, the
biggest crisis of capitalism in 80 years, opens up opportunities for
social conflict and radical transformation.

We the Precarious, We the Unemployed, We the Immigrants, We the
Antiracist, We the Antiauthoritarians, we are already fighting
together from Athens to Reykjavik, from Capetown to Gaza, from Los
Angeles to Buenos Aires, to Tokyo, from Shanghai to
Mumbai, and across all seas and states where migrants risk their lives
and freedom, in all the cities where dissident and discriminated
people are fighting for social equality, autonomous culture, a better

Let’s unite in an ideal world brotherhood all our actions and
demonstrations on the 1st of may in all the cities large and small
around the globe. Let’s make our states and corporations know that at
least on that day we are ONE against their capitalist crisis that
threatens us all.

Let’s make’em pay on the 1st of May, and in London (vs G20) and
Strasbourg (vs NATO) in the coming weeks.

MAYDAY: make’em pay…
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