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* Join the June 9 National Day of Action Against Israeli Apartheid:Boycott Chapters/Indigo! *

In early June, Palestinians will mark 40 years of Apartheid Israel’s
illegal military occupation of the Palestinian West Bank, Gaza Strip
and the Syrian Golan Heights. The Active Steering Committee of the
Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign has called for global days of action to mark this anniversary throughout the world.

As part of these events, individuals across the country will be
leafleting outside Chapters/Indigo Book stores. These pickets are being organized to send a clear message to majority shareholders, Heather Reisman and Gerry Schwartz, that their links to the HESEG Foundation for Lone Soldiers
(individuals from outside of Israel that want to serve in its military)
– are unacceptable.

The campaign to boycott Chapters Indigo is gaining momentum. Thousands
of leaflets explaining the link between the Israeli military and the
majority owners of the book chain have been distributed outside stores in
Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Victoria, and Halifax. Two weeks ago, Heather
Reisman refused to answer questions about Heseg at a Toronto Indigo store,
prefering to close down a public event rather than engage in a debate
about her financial support for Heseg. The campaign has been mentioned
in mainstream Canadian media and has been widely reported on by the
Israeli press.

Join us in this national day of action by organizing a picket outside
your local Chapters Indigo book store! The aim of this action is to cover
as many stores across Canada. From the smallest town to the largest city –
if there is a Chapters Indigo book store in your neighborhood you can
participate! All you need to do is download the campaign leaflet below,
find your local Chapters or Indigo bookstore, and let us know at

If you live in Toronto we want to pre-register people for locations so
that we know how many different stores can be covered on the day. There
are at least five major locations in the GTA that we will be picketing
on June 9th – please contact us at to participate.

Campaign material available at

** Leaflets for distribution outside your local Chapters or Indigo

** A 50 second promotional animation about the campaign:

** A video clip of Heather Reisman being confronted by activists in
Toronto for her support for Heseg:

**A protest letter to send to Indigo Books and Music Co.:

** A leaflet advertising the June 9th Day of Action:

** A professionally designed bookmark: ‘Chapters, Indigo, IDF

Partners in Apartheid’:

** Press releases about the campaign including CAIA’s most recent reply
to B’nai Brith’s attack (May 18th).

Together we can end Israeli apartheid! To get involved in the campaign,
please contact us at: and visit


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Six Nations Caledonia Resource Page

From Autonomy and Solidarity

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Study: Earnings of temporary versus permanent employees

read the entire article on The Daily at

Temporary work accounted for almost one-fifth of overall growth in paid employment between 1997 and 2003 despite a period of economic growth and favourable employment conditions.

However, a new study shows that temporary jobs are generally less well paid than permanent ones. In addition, the gap between the two groups varied with the type of temporary employment.

The study “Earnings of temporary versus permanent employees”, released today in the online edition of Perspectives on Labour and Income, examines the salary gap for the first time on the basis of the type of temporary employment. Temporary workers are not a homogenous group. Their characteristics vary greatly depending on whether their jobs are term or contract, seasonal, casual, or obtained through an employment agency.

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Tell American eagle: support warehouse workers’ rights

A majority of workers at National Logistics Services (NLS) applied to join UNITE HERE. Workers wanted a union because they had not received raises in two to three years, lacked a fair process to move from casual to permanent employment, dealt with daily disrespect from management, and faced unfair policy changes, including increasing hours worked before overtime is paid.

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On Thursday May 10, activists from the Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid confronted Heather Reisman, majority owner of Chapters and Indigo bookstores at a book signing for Ralph Nader’s new book, The Seventeen Traditions. In the question and answer period, CAIA activists questioned Reisman about her support for the Heseg Foundation for Lone Soldiers, a program of financial support for former “lone soldiers” in the Israeli military. Reisman refused to answer the questions posed to her and instead, shut down the event and walked out.

CAIA reiterates its demand that Chapters Indigo should be boycotted until the majority owners, Heather Reisman and Gerry Schwartz publicly announce that they will cut all financial ties to Heseg. Reisman’s refusal to answer the questions posed to her is absolutely unacceptable and indicates her culpability in Israeli apartheid. Her vocal support for Israeli war crimes will continue to be challenged whenever she appears publicly in Canada.
On June 9th 2007, Chapters Indigo stores will be picketed across Canada as part of the national campaign against their ties with Israeli apartheid. These pickets are part of the international week of action commemorating 40 years of Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

At its peak, Heseg will distribute up to $3M per year to provide scholarships and other support to former “Lone Soldiers” in the Israeli military. ‘Lone Soldiers’ are individuals who have no family in Israel but decide to join the Israeli military. As Israeli soldiers, they participate in a military that operates checkpoints that restrict Palestinian freedom of movement, enforces the occupation of Palestinian land, and has a documented history of human rights violations. At any time there might be 5,000 ‘Lone Soldiers’ in the Israeli military in all capacities including in combat units.
According to the Heseg website: “Canadian couple Gerry Schwartz and Heather Reisman established HESEG to express gratitude and provide support to the thousands of Former Lone Soldiers who serve annually in the Israel Defense Forces.”

To get involved in the campaign, please visit the Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid ( or email

Further information available at the CAIA website includes:

*Campaign leaflet in English, French, Italian, Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian

*“Chapters, Indigo, IDF Cut the Ties with Israeli Apartheid” Bookmarks
* Promotional animation video for the campaign:

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Precarious environment, precarious government job…

Best political speech of the year by a precarious administrative worker in the political bureaucracy: The Canadian Communication Assocation should give him some kind of special prize for making visible the Harper regime’s friendly facist communication and control strategy.;=57891


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COMMEMORATING AL-NAKBA: Palestinian Refugees Will Return

What: Commemoration and celebration of resistance and
return. Community dinner, speakers and performances.
When: Thursday May 17 at 7:30 pm
Where: Steel Workers Hall – 25 Cecil Street

Join us on Thursday May 17 to commemorate the 59th
anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba – the Catastrophe
of 1948. In 1948 Zionist militias destroyed more than
450 Palestinian villages and expelled around 750,000
Palestinians from their homes, beginning a process of
ethnic cleansing that continues to this day.
Palestinian refugees remain steadfast and continue to
fight for their right to return.

Come out – learn about Al-Nakba, enjoy delicious food
and exciting performances.

Children welcome – games will be a feature of the

Suggested Donation: $5 – $10 (sliding scale)

For more information visit: or email

Organized by the Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid
(CAIA) and co-sponsored by Palestine House.

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