St. Christopher House is currently seeking participants to complete a *financialdiary.

*A financial diary is a record of how your household manages their
income and expenses in relation to their life goals, financial plans, and
financial service use.

Participants will need to commit to an interview* *with us* twice per month
for up to four months and will be paid $30 per interview, for a minimum
total remuneration of $180. TTC tickets provided if necessary. *Participants,
if they want, will also be able to meet with a Community Financial Worker
who can help them work through any financial problems.

At the interview, we will ask participants to share with us their opinions
and experiences of financial services, as well as recording household
income, expenditures, savings and borrowing that occur between interviews.
Interviews can take place evenings and weekends.”

if you know anyone who would be interested, please pass my
number (647-968-9285) on to that person so we can determine if they are
eligible. The participant is paid $30 for each interview, and we can pay
for TTC tickets if that is necessary.



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What does standing at a bus stop suggest to the body that waits, and what are the mechanisms that ‘convince’ us to do nothing but wait? What are the links between waiting for a streetcar and boredom? Can boredom be transformed via random encounters among bodies in transit? Can our inactivity and passivity towards our current precarious life conditions be transformed into the space and time to address our vulnerability to economic crises? What are the links between Mayday, precarious life conditions, the current crisis, streetcars, waiting, habit and boredom? We don’t know yet, but we would like to create them with you!

Another Mayday is approaching and the Precarious Workers, the Unemployed, Immigrants, Indigenous People, Antiracist, Anti-homophobia and Feminist Groups, Prisoner Rights organization, and many more “life contortionists” of the world are organising to protest and celebrate this historical anniversary, with an eye on the current crisis. Protest and celebrate because we need to raise our voices against exploitation and exclusion but we also need to think creatively about new strategies of solidarity and friendship, of social redistribution and self-emancipation. That is, we need to think joyfully and creatively within the “Great Recession” if we want to survive any economic bailouts, future crises and general depressions.

In this spirit, Interference Project: Wait! is looking for artists interested in engaging the above questions for an experiment in the active re-composition of spaces at streetcar and bus shelters around the city of Toronto, with a strong emphasis on precarity. As an interference, rather than an intervention, the project aims at playful stimulations of possible relations between (or among) commuters waiting for public transport, the feeling of boredom, and any other term mentioned above.

We call for artivists whose work explores relational, affective, soft, subtle, fugitive, tactical, high-tech, low-tech, no-tech, invisible and non-confrontational political interferences to join us in the occupation of bus shelters for any specified time on Mayday 2009.

Please send your Mayday interference proposal and artist statement to by April 18th 2009 or contact us for further information.

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Monday, 6 April
Centre for Women and Trans-People U of T
563 Spadina Avenue, Room 101

Struggle, movement and resistance grows from the collective work of artists and activists. Organizing for change includes producing creative works and carrying out cultural interventions – works that shift mindsets, jar apathy, shatter myths and inspire passion.


The struggle for migrant justice needs you. This year has seen elites using the economic crisis as an excuse to steal public funds; wreck social services; take away people’s jobs rather than cut profits; targeting those they perceive as the weakest – indigenous people; the homeless; refugee claimants; women in shelters; queer and trans migrants, caregivers; factory workers and temporary workers.
We say enough is enough. On 2 May 2009, we will take to the streets to showcase our creative power and make clear our demands. Your participation is urgently required.

Come to the Artist Network meeting to hear how you can further the struggle for change. If you’re interested in participating, but unable to make the meeting please email us at

S. K. Hussan

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“Relief and Resistance: A Poor People’s History of East Downtown Toronto”

Gaetan Heroux, Ontario Coalition Against Poverty

Thursday April 9th, 2009
4.00-6.00pm (Room 2125, Sidney Smith Hall, 100 St. George Street)

East Downtown Toronto is the city’s oldest working class neighborhood. It was 
once the home to some of Toronto’s wealthiest residents. Today, Toronto’s 
“skid row” is located in the heart of East Downtown Toronto, and the area has 
one of largest concentration of social housing in Canada. The current gentrification 
of the area threatens the very existence of this working class neighborhood and 
has become a staging ground for some of Canada’s most militant anti‐poverty 
demonstrations in since the mid 1990’s.

How did this transition happen? What was the relationship of Toronto’s wealthy 
philanthropists and church organizations to the “vagrants” and “tramps” who were 
flooding the city and East Downtown Toronto at the turn of the 19th century and 
onward? What role did Toronto’s poor houses play in the lives of poor people in 
the area? What was the city’s response to slums which emerged in the area shortly 
have the industrialization of Toronto? How did a local church, which at one time 
was the church of some of Toronto’s most affluent residents, come to open its 
doors to some of Toronto’s poorest residence? How did the local park go from the 
being the playground of the rich to the rallying grounds of the poor? Why are poor 
people being displaced from Toronto’s oldest working class neighborhood? These 
are the questions that the presentation will attempt to answer.

About Gaetan Heroux:
Mr. Heroux is an anti‐poverty activist with the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty 
(OCAP) and an Identification Outreach Worker with the Street Health Community 
Nursing Foundation. For the last twenty years he has worked with homeless and 
low‐income people in East Downtown Toronto, has served on a number of steering 
committees related to poverty, homelessness and violence and has been a featured 
speaker at public events, panel discussions, rallies and workshops on poverty in 
cities across Ontario and Quebec. Mr. Heroux is currently working on a book on 
the history of East Downtown Toronto.

For more information, contact Ayesha Alli, • 416 946-0269

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WELCOME TO THE 24th ANNUAL MAYWORKS FESTIVAL OF WORKING PEOPLE AND THE ARTS! April 25th – May 3rd, Come check out Shameless (that’s me!), on April 25th, opening night, with LAL, Vox Sambou, La Loba, MataDanZe and Climbing PoeTree! (details below) ********************************************************* IN THE RED: REVOLUTION FOR OUR HEARTS Saturday April 25, 8 pm, $10-$15 s/s The Blue Moon Pub, 725 Queen Street East This year’s opening night features a medley of artists and performers who are guaranteed to pick up your spirits in this economic downturn. As independent artists these performers are intimately familiar with making the most out of lean times. Bring your friends, your loved ones, even your ex-boss and enjoy an evening of performances that will make you feel like you’re in the black again! Featuring: LAL, a collective of musicians that include vocalist Rosina Kazi, laptop musician Nicholas “Murr” Murray and bassist Ian de Souza. The group fuses South Asian roots, West Indian fruits, and melancholic vocals with jazz sensibilities, hip-hop influences, down tempo grooves, broken soul and electro. Prepare to be intoxicated! Born in the town of Limbé in Northern Haiti, hip-hop artist VOX SAMBOU has been writing and performing since age 14. A founding member of the international crew Nomadic Massive, he desires to bring light the injustices taking place worldwide and particularly in Haiti. Critical, powerful, fulfilling: just some of the words audience members have used to describe CLIMBING POETREE’s performances. With roots in Haiti and Colombia, Alixa and Naima reside in Brooklyn, and their flawless cadence and impeccable lyricism tell powerful stories. Poet and spoken word performer LA LOBA is an educator/agitator/artist whose work aims to challenge and provoke community discussion on gender, the environment and the ‘visible minority’ experience. SHAMELESS brings hip hop like you’ve rarely seen it, busting up the system’s binaries, bigging up the marginal and the magical. Dynamic lyrics blend with hot, sexy vocals to create this artist’s unique flavour, a vibe that is all about tearing down what tears us apart. MataDanZe is an independent Toronto based interpretative dance group that will perform La Raza Cozmica (The Cosmic Race), an anti-racism choreography with live music that interprets the European conquest of Latin America. Not to be missed! Shameless

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the MAD the BAD and the SAD

On Monday March 30 at 7pm Bonnie Burstow’s class Creative Empowerment with the Disenfranchised will be hosting a showcase in the Peace Lounge at OISE. 
the MAD the BAD and the SAD… a showcase of creative projects produced in solidarity with disenfranchised groups
We are a group of activists, counsellors, and educators who work in solidarity with disenfranchised groups. The groups involved in these projects include psych survivors, people who are homeless, people who have been imprisoned, people who use illicit drugs, sex trade workers, and undocumented persons. Our goal is to use arts to raise consciousness in solidarity with these groups. We all look forward to sharing these projects with you. 

The event is Free * Free refreshments * Wheelchair Accessible * Fragrance Free Event!
OISE’s Peace Lounge 7TH Floor 252 Bloor St W at St George Subway
For more information email
Amy Cross

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MAYDAY 2009: a global mayday call

****MAYDAY 2009****

To All Those Who Fight 4: Anarchy, Autonomy, Ecology, Queerness

To all media activists, creative workers, radical artists, union
organizers, immigrant and precarious youth

In 2009, as millions are made unemployed by stupidity and greed, we
call onto all insurgent people and networks out there to unite on the
1st of May for a global mayday against financial capitalism and state
repression, and for social redistribution and self-emancipation.


YOU, the financial and political élites, we’ll make YOU pay for your crisis.

The economic and moral collapse of capitalism is for all to see. But
it’s us who’s paying for the crisis with our money and jobs. They’re
robbing us blind! States are throwing trillions at bankers, while
jobs, wages, incomes, services are savagely cut, and millions are
thrown into poverty.

We can fight and reverse this process. The Great Recession, the
biggest crisis of capitalism in 80 years, opens up opportunities for
social conflict and radical transformation.

We the Precarious, We the Unemployed, We the Immigrants, We the
Antiracist, We the Antiauthoritarians, we are already fighting
together from Athens to Reykjavik, from Capetown to Gaza, from Los
Angeles to Buenos Aires, to Tokyo, from Shanghai to
Mumbai, and across all seas and states where migrants risk their lives
and freedom, in all the cities where dissident and discriminated
people are fighting for social equality, autonomous culture, a better

Let’s unite in an ideal world brotherhood all our actions and
demonstrations on the 1st of may in all the cities large and small
around the globe. Let’s make our states and corporations know that at
least on that day we are ONE against their capitalist crisis that
threatens us all.

Let’s make’em pay on the 1st of May, and in London (vs G20) and
Strasbourg (vs NATO) in the coming weeks.

MAYDAY: make’em pay…
PGA_europe_resistance mailing list
Euromayday mailing list
To unsubscribe:

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Adjunct nation -useful blog

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Contract faculty at Wilfrid Laurier on strike

as of March 19

comments by CAUT (Canadian association of university teachers)

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Au Travail / At Work

AU TRAVAIL / AT WORK is a project based on a call for collaboration which is open to all. This experimental project urges artists and workers to consider their workplace as a site of artistic residence. In all cases, the place of reflection, production or intervention becomes the space of the employer.The members of the collective appropriate the culture of their work environment within the very framework of their daily lives. Utilizing or subverting the cultural or technological means that are available to participants in their workplace.


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